25 Free Photography E-Books


In the web is a lot of files for free, also photographic files. Today I decided to put all the eBooks – that previously published in my blog – together in a single, mega post for you. Go ahead, download them! Print them if you want to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. […]

Street photography by Daniel Hoffmann


What is a street photograph or for that matter, street photography? There are as many definitions as there are ‘street photographers’. The genre certainly lends itself to considerable flexibility. It’s something more than simply a photograph taken on the street. Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden is often quoted as saying, ‘If you can smell the street […]

Bicycle touring photography by Paul Jeurissen


Via our bicycles we explore the world; meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and riding through some of the greatest scenery on earth. The ebook: Bicycle touring photography. A quick guide to taking better pictures by Paul Jeurissen consists of two parts: 1. photographys tips and 2. submmiting photos. You can read about the basics of photography […]

A Photographer’s E-Guide to Making Sharp Photographs by Scott Bourne


While not every photograph needs to be utterly sharp to be successful, it’s important to understand how to achieve maximum sharpness when you need it. With that in mind Scott Bourne have decided to put together a guide to sharper images. Please note this is not a scientific guide or a white paper. It’s got more information in it than my typical blog posts, but it’s not EVERY SINGLE THING you can think of […]